Radiant Glow - Illuminating Serum

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Snippet: Instant illuminating vitamin C serum.


 30mL – 1oz | Imagined in the UK, Made in France | Money Back Guarantee

Radiant Glow is a highly concentrated Vitamin C Serum. We use a new generation of Vitamin C – Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. This new-gen component is a true game-changer as it is as potent as Vitamin C, but with better stability and non-irritating.

Vitamin C is a mighty anti-ageing ingredient. Moreover, it prevents breakouts, removes dead skin, shrinks pores and reduces the appearance of acne scars in the long term.

Pomegranate stem cells work in synergy with Vitamin C to increase your glow and clarify dark spots and blemishes.

Suitable for every skin type.

Sensitive Skin: If you are subject to redness, the pomegranate stem cells extract and Vitamin C in Radiant Glow will help you appease your skin.

Mature Skin: Useful against dark spots and uneven skin tone. Your main concern may be fine lines but, achieving an even skin tone is essential if you want your skin to look its best.

Normal Skin: Enhance the natural light of your skin with Radiant Glow and protect it against sun free-radicals.

Dry Skin: Radiant Glow will give you a powerful shot of hydration. It’s very light yet rich in powerful components.

Oily Skin: It’s a light, water-based serum and it will hydrate your skin without being too heavy. Plus, if you have blemishes, Radiant Glow will help you get rid of them thanks to the combination of Vitamin C + Pomegranate Stem Cells extract.

11 Bio-active Ingredients

  • Illuminating:
    • Vitamin C: Stimulates fibroblasts turnover. A powerful anti-ageing ingredient that boosts collagen synthesis for smooth and young-looking skin. Scavenges free radicals, evens out skin tone and reduces dark spots.
    • Luminia Granatum: Based on the technology of plant stem cells, enhances skin radiance improving glow and evening the tone and texture.
  • Hydrating:
    • Squalane: Maintains skin hydration and supports the skin’s moisture barrier. Powerful anti-ageing, it fights environmental damages. Botanically-sourced.
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides thorough hydration of the skin.
    • Aloe vera: Rich in vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids, it deeply hydrates the skin for a soothing effect.
  • Anti-ageing/anti-imperfections:
    • Coenzyme Q10: Strong antioxidant, protects the collagen and enhances the production of cell energy.
    • Rosemary water: Astringent, invigorates the skin and balances sebum production.
    • Vit E: Antioxidant and anti-age.
    • Lavandula Angustifolia: Purifies, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Moisturising:
    • Jojoba oil: Non-greasy, it soothes and protects the skin.
    • Shea Butter: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, it nourishes skin, reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier and protects the elasticity of the skin.


Apply every morning on clean, dry skin. Use a few pea-sized drops on your face, and apply it softly with your ring and middle finger.

 Storage tips:

  • Shake well before use to make the serum homogeneous and get the most benefits out of it.
  • Store in a cold, dark and dry place. You can even store it in your fridge if you’d like!
  • Avoid storing it in your bathroom as the temperature fluctuation could damage the formula and make it less potent.

Free From

Parabens, phenoxyethanol, endocrine disruptors, TEA/DEA, petrochemicals, silicones, sulphates, PEGs, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and colours.


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Radiant Glow - Illuminating Serum
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