On an expedition to cleaner 'waves’ & 'earth' - aie Activism In Elegance

aie on an expedition to cleaner 'waves’ & 'earth'

Every single product of ours is ‘wow – tested to perfection with fff* routine’: asserts ‘aie team’

TELL US what aie means and stans for?

Aie, Activism in Elegance is a organic skincare brand with a cause. We do not only want to produce and provide first-class beauty products to the world but also want to give back to the Planet Earth, thus  part of our profit goes to carefully selected foundations which clean the oceans from the plastic waste. All this is done by the professional, science-based research & development and with the highest respect for mother nature.

Who are the brains behind your brand and what’s the essence of the brand

We are a team of 12 people with extensive background in business, chemistry, pharmacy, beauty, marketing, product concepting and sales. One thing in common is our love for the clean waves, which can be found not only in our products but also in our way of working.

We have an array of cosmetics reigning the consumer market today. What do you think sets you apart from the others?

We're uncompromising. Our products ultra-premium. Sourced from personally trusted local producers. Developed and tested to perfection in real life with help of family and friends. If it does not feel right, we will not do it. If it's not good for the planet, we will not do it. We only have natural selected ingredients and guilt is not one of them. For us transparent and sustainable production goes without saying. Plastic waste free world is our aim. Part of our profit goes to charities protecting and saving the seas.

We have heeded about the wow-test with the FFF* routine you ensure on each of your products, sounds intriguing! Please give us some insights into it.

Somehow this testing method has always been part of the our story. It started with a concept of a test-mum, our Head of R&D, Pavla always asked her mother to test the products. If the mum loved, it - it’s ready. Today we have hundreds of beauty testers from all over the world helping us perfecting our products.
We have an aie specific testing method - although we want be keep this a bit shh... we can tell you that, we do have products from other brands in the test, all is done so that testers can't be biased - no brands, no info, no talking - the test in done at home, for 7 - 10 days - and each product is evaluated separately. We make no compromises, but you make the decisions.

How do you believe you are contributing to a greener, spic and span planet earth? What is your plan of action? Do you join forces with any non-profit organisation in fulfilling the solemn goal?

We are contributing to a cleaner and greener planet by minimizing our negative impact on the environment. This we do by reducing our carbon footprint and waste flows. We are also engaged in voluntary work in cooperation with other organizations to increase our positive impact on the environment. Currently, we are partnered with John Nurminen foundation on protecting the Baltic sea and Compensate non-profit fund on compensating our carbon footprint. In compensating our priority is always to reduce our emissions and only then compensate the rest. That is why we have created our own Code of Respect.

Part of our profit goes to carefully selected partners who work for cleaning the oceans from the plastic waste , as mentioned in question 3.

As far as I can see your workforce is ore women dominant, any precise reason? Was it a conscious choice or just a coincidence, and how do you think it enhances your trade?

Yes, we are proud to say that our crew mainly comprises of women although we have not specifically aimed for this particular team line-up. We do not discriminate against men or any other sex in our employment process and from this perspective, the dominance of women in our workforce has formed by accident. Nevertheless, we want to emphasize the importance of empowering women in business and embrace the active and strong crew we now have. We believe that the women in our team are a priceless asset, not only as women but as individuals.

In these arduous ties when COVID is bumping(or jolting)  every small and large business . How are you scuffling through? Also what are your initiatives in flattening the curve?

As so many other business, we got hit by covid-19 badly too. After the first shock we managed to turn the situation back on track rather fast by hard work and innovative ideas.

We stayed in remote working mode for the entire Spring as was recommended and slowly started getting back to the office in summer time. Now that the second wave has raised, we encourage the team to work from home and only come to the office and factory when absolutely needed

What is your target clientele and primarily what kind of audience do you think would slaver for your skin care products? As this is industry is awfully fast and everchanging, how do you innovate yourself in order to comply to these changes?

Our products are based on the layering technique, which means that the same kit works regardless of the skin type or age. This is reached by using different amounts of different products of a kit. For example, with our 101 PRELUDE KIT with oilier skin, one should use more mist and serum than cream.



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