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The Cherry Moon is co-owned by both Jevz and Elisha Carter and was launched online in 2018. We wanted to create a platform for Emerging and Independent talent that defines unique, bespoke and unusual pieces and position our market as affordable luxury.


I have been drawing since I have memory; in my disorder I find my order. I don't like to limit what I do for fashion only, sometimes I decorate a space, I choose colours and shapes but, most of the time I design clothes with the goal they will make you feel at your best. I believe in the strength of women, in the smiles of passersby and in beauty at all ages. I believe in emotional creativity, the one that is good for the soul. I believe in a sustainable, ethical world that speaks of objects or fashion, for this reason I love working with creativity using what already exists, avoiding to produce material that creates pollution in a world that does not need it and this is also innovating, countercurrent. At "The Cherry Moon" I found all this, the beauty, the research, and the ethics in the wonderful people who founded it. In this new space you can enjoy every moment, every corner because the choice of products is made with love, dedication and passion. Roberta Ciceri Creative Director The Cherry Moon


Personality and brand story is equally important to us, when assessing through a brands look book or sample pieces We look through Emerging talents collection piece by piece of different styles and don’t judge by just a full collection or how independent you maybe as a designer we put 100% into driving brand awareness through to existing customers and our locals community on Kings Road, Chelsea, who appreciate those unique, outstanding designers, to ensure they purchase investment pieces, through quality and materials.

Why kings road Chelsea?

The Iconic Kings Road is a band in itself, home to the fashion and music moguls such as Vivienne Westwood, Mary Quant, The Beatles to name a few. Until today The Kings Road oozes authenticity, a classic traditional culture that moves with the times. Buzzy, electric, with fabulous consumer taste, there truly is no better place than The Kings Road to brand yourself.
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