LM bespoke epitomizes my true style ‘handmade’

Lucy Clayton founder of LM bespoke with her story behind how she started up

I love to see me resonating in my designs & discovering that women adore my ‘one of a kind’ pieces! - says Lucy Clayton

The label “LM Bespoke” hints at the flavour and zing of your brand? How did you zero down to this name, and what it stands for?”

I usually get asked why the label is not LC bespoke as those are my initials but there is a story behind the name. Coming from a wholesale fashion buying background I decided to launch my own online boutique in 2017 which had the name Lulamoon London (Lula being a nickname of mine growing up), I sourced unique clothing from wholesalers to sell, as this is becoming an extremely competitive industry I soon realised that to be successful in it you need a point of difference which is hard to show if competitors are also able to source the same product as you. I know, as a young woman who enjoys fashion that women do not want to be seen in the same outfit as others, especially in this Instagram generation and handmade is a channel in to fresh and unique designs. So in 2020 I decided to shorten Lulamoon and rebrand completely as LM Bespoke offering only handmade designs.

When and how did you embark on this journey of debunking your passion for clothing through your brand?

I have always had a passion for clothing since a young age. I have obsessed over haute couture in Vogue since the age of 7 and would sort dresses from high to low on Net-A-Porter just to stare at the designs for hours (never adding to cart!) When buying for my online boutique, selecting other peoples designs was never enough for me as I am so visionary in my mind about the way I want things to look and it was only until I had the spare time this year that I thought why not bring my ideas to life?

I am so glad that I took the plunge and it has all come together so naturally, I think my character and personal style really resonate in my designs and I love creating them and seeing other people love them too!

Do you only create one of a kind pieces or are you planning on launching collections too? In your opinion what is the most astonishing facet of LM Bespoke?

When I launched LM Bespoke I only planned on making one of a kind pieces as I was using beautiful one off vintage fabrics but as it became popular and demand grew I decided to design a small collection of made to measure pieces. In a way everything I make is “One of a kind” as it is handmade by myself and not manufactured.

The most astonishing facet of LM Bespoke is that I offer a completely bespoke option, for example if a customer wanted one of my powder puff tops but in a rainbow pattern and more structure, I would hand make it to measure, tie dye it for them and add a puff elastic strap to the back.

Tell us how customers can take a sneak peek at your exclusive designs, and where can they buy from?” Also from where do you primarily source your fabrics?

My main platform is my Instagram page @lmbespoke I try to post a lot of different content on there to give the customer insight in to the design process, sewing process and sneak peeks. I have a website www.lmbespoke.com which has an e-store but I am very flexible, especially with bespoke so encourage the customers to get in touch with me via email for any particular, custom requests.

In terms of fabric I was lucky enough to be handed down some vintage broderies and laces which I try to incorporate in to my designs. For the rest of my fabric I have been sourcing it online via independent sellers, I scour the internet looking for unique fabrics initially, receive the samples and then the designs come to my head after! Fabric shopping has been predominantly online due to the pandemic but I am already planning and looking forward to visiting fabric shops and markets all over Europe for the next collections and also using more vintage as I love the re-working and upcycling aspect.

What are your thoughts about masses turn of mind on fashion and beauty trends, amid this pandemic? What were the challenges ahead of you when your brand took off?

I feel like we are living in a fast fashion world but in a way the pandemic has also made a lot of people slow down and look at how they are being more ethical in their everyday life which clothing is a big part of.

One of the challenges ahead of me starting a made to measure brand was how cheap and easy it is to buy clothes these days, which meant I had to work twice as hard to market the brand in such a way and justify the price for an item of clothing that is completely unique to the customer in high quality and ethically sourced fabric and totally handmade.

I think being original and true to myself in my designs and branding has taken the customer on a journey where they do appreciate something so unique and more sustainable over a fast fashion trend and I hope this continues expanding within the industry.

Do you take care of the label single-handedly? What is your long term vision for LM Bespoke?

Yes I really am a one man band. I design and make everything and manage all other aspects myself. My long term vision for LM bespoke is obviously success but to stay true to my brand and what it stands for. I plan to make seasonal collections and continue offering a made to measure service. I cant wait to see what my brain conjures up next! You will have to wait and see…

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